Home iptv servizio iptv smarters italian m3u March 31-03-2020

servizio iptv smarters italian m3u March 31-03-2020


servezio iptv smarters italian m3u March 31-03-2020

servizio iptv smarters
servizio iptv smarters

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Servezio Iptv Smarters Italian m3u Stabili.

free ‘IPTV’ Streaming service that offers thousands of channels in multiple languages.streaming links are updates daily to ensure that new and working links are constantly provided.

A hand full of defferent playlists has been created so that it is easier for you to select the content you want to see.

iptv can be used in virtually any software and application that has the ability to transmit live links.

the most common programs are (KODI – Smart IPTV – VLC – Perfectplayer – simpletv) and many others.

how to use the lists on PC?

On any PC Running Windows, Linux, Mac OSX ,you can use both the simple VLC MEDIA PLAYER and the Sacred KODI Monster.

After You Download You See This IconMedia-vlc-icon

how to use the lists on smart tv?


  1. select proper epg country to correctly match channel electronic programming language
  2. use enable list logos to enebale logos included in your playlist or override app logos tvg-logo
  3. use save online only if you have problem loading playlist on your tv due to low memory
  4. detect epg to automatically detect epg url included in your playlist tvg-url ,url-tvg ,x-tvg-url
  5. use disable groups to disable playlist groups when uploading miltiple playlist

More Info


Step 1Search for the smart iptv app on your samsung or lg tv sceen

Step 2. open the smart tv app you’ll read on your screed that you have a free test of this app for 7 days, then you will have to make a donation of 5.49 euro at this website activation to get a life time activation.


For Activation

server worldwide spain exyu asian

how to add playlists m3u to mag box 275/254/250

mag box
  1. copy and paste the m3u link in an internet browser and enter your playlist m3u will be downloaded save the m3u file as on your flash memory (remember its name)
  2. insert the flash memory to your device MAG device
  3. on the main screen press (Home Media) embedded portal
  4. find your flash memory’s name and select it and then press ok.
  5. choose your IPTV m3u playlist, press OK A ùessage will be shown asking if you want to add the channels ,agree to that
  6. hit the F3 Yellow button on your remote to add the playlist.
  7. after the channels have been added, press tv button on the remote
  8. you can remove the flash memory from your box.
  9. there you have it. enjoy your IPTV subsciption.

You will find bellow many iptv lista to download, if the first playlist m3u can’t work please try the other links. servizio iptv smarters


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check the download link bellow that contains italian iptv channels.

Italy ZIP 29.03.2020  —  Italy ZIP 30.03.2020

Italy ZIP 31.03.2020


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